Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to introduce you to our company.  Cornerstone Construction of Russellville, Inc., is family owned and operated by Rusty and Rebecca Davis.

Cornerstone Construction of Russellville, Inc.  was officially formed in 2010, however it has been a company “in the making” for more than 20 years.  Rusty attributes the personal and business values he has, not only to the strong moral values instilled in him by his parents (Ricky & Janis Davis) but also to the timeless mentors he had while attending K-12 in Atkins, AR.  One of the many such mentors was the late Coach Charlie Sorrels.  Coach Sorrels taught his student’s qualities and characteristics such as honesty, integrity, and the value of team work.  These qualities have been carried over from Rusty’s “personal” life to his “business” life.  Together with Atkins Alumni (Robert Haney, Mark Haney, Barre’ Shannon, Dale Foshee, Glen Freeman, Cole Davis, & Tyler Schmoll) and other team members, Cornerstone Construction strives each day to apply these values and qualities throughout each project Cornerstone is given.

At Cornerstone Construction of Russellville, Inc., we believe that each project is unique.  It is our commitment to deliver the highest quality product on time and within budget. We pride ourselves on being highly skilled in time management, planning, decision making, prioritization, and setting goals within each project to provide a successful outcome for each customer we serve.

At Cornerstone Construction, we believe that our employees are our most valuable resource. Like Coach Sorrels, we place people in the proper positions, so they can reach their full potential.   Each employee at Cornerstone Construction has their own unique talents and experiences.  Mixing different talents, experience, and teamwork is what sets us apart. From the tradesman to the president, everyone communicates, collaborates, and innovates.  Communication is not just promoted, it is expected at all levels throughout the duration of construction projects.

Integrity-Service-Quality are the ideals that guide our team in managing a project. 

“Integrity cannot be bought. Integrity can only be earned.”